Do you want to shoot in Prague?

People have been different in the past. And if I have to talk about the past regime, which I experienced and therefore know it not only by hearsay, various people were already impressed by various things at that time, despite the efforts of the socialist regime to achieve a unified society that would be a single mass.

At that time, for example, it was already the case that while some of our people were looking forward to the war and perhaps even liking to go to military schools, others were doing their best to get the so-called Blue Book so that they avoided this \’honorary duty\‘ and did not have to become those called our defenders. homeland.

ozbrojené dítě

And, of course, shooting applies to this. While many people liked to shoot at the time, let\’s say at least from an air rifle at the fair, for others it was boring or even a very unpleasant affair. And the same is true to this day.

Even today, we find people among us who like to shoot or at least dream about it, as well as those who avoid using weapons.

For those who are not doing well, it is easy. Armament is not a common occurrence in our country, so he simply will not buy any firearms. And if they are lucky and do not come to the scene of a crime or terrorist attack, they have what they want. Peace.

žena s pistolí

But what about those who would like to shoot themselves, from real weapons, and not just from some ordinary easily accessible air rifle? Of course, they can sometimes buy their own weapon. But it involves fulfilling many responsibilities, so demanding that it would often not pay off. Especially if someone wants to shoot such a thing only occasionally, or if such a person would like to try a weapon that no one will ever approve and provide for him as a civilian.

And if someone wants to play a bit of a soldier shooting from real good weapons? Then the person in question can use the shooting range in Prague. Here he can easily try many of the weapons that our people do not normally come into contact with. And it can be a unique experience for anyone.