Everything in here does not apply, if you are rich

Those born rich don’t really have to deal with this – you guys are completely fine. But if you are a little bit down on the richness spectrum, this might be a useful article that will tell you all about making it to the dream you want, well, maybe we all want – and that is owning property somewhere nice. Marbella Spain https://centrummarbella.com/ might be ideal since you can still work off-season and rent such a house to tourists and then move in during the season to enjoy your hard work. But how do you get here? Let’s see all the possibilities:


  1. Invest in crypto and get lucky
  2. Invest in valuables and get lucky
  3. Invest in both of these above in a long term and enjoy it when you are 40 to 50
  4. Do a lot of side hustles
  5. Do a lot of small and irregular side hustles


  1. Get a high-paying job and a side hustle
  2. Work your bottom off
  3. Work your bottom off even more, if you think you are doing way too much
  4. Try to pick up a hobby that will help you gain more strength
  5. Don’t forget about friends and socializing! It takes like 5 minutes a day and improves your well-being a lot
  6. Try to save money by not spending too much
  7. Try to not buy new electronics all the time
  8. Re-use things a lot more
  9. Don’t be greedy and needy
  10. Invest everything that you do not need
  11. Improve yourself, broaden your horizons
  12. Don’t waste time by doing something you find boring
  13. Win a lottery
  14. Inherit a lot of money
  15. Rent anything you can

All these, except for those few, require a lot of work and dedication, and sometimes it is hard. But do not give up. Sometimes, it takes just a few years of being a little bit down to earth and a lot of things can happen! Just do something extra others don’t do. You will not only become extremely interesting, but you will also be a good sport to be around! And the life experience will be just immeasurable. And Marbella might be closer than you think!